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Facebook Flex Targeting: The New Tool in Town

Facebook Flex Targeting is The New Tool in Town! We know that when it comes to paid social media advertising Facebook have been leading the way for some time, but with the launch of Flex Targeting they have really upped their game.

Since the launch of Flex Targeting businesses can now say goodbye to broad targeting options. They can now narrow down their target audience like never before.This makes Facebook an invaluable tool to have in your overall digital marketing strategy.

What is Facebook Flex Targeting?

Flex Targeting allows you to pinpoint your audience in a much more detailed way. The new feature lets you target your audience by allowing you to include people who match more than one interest, behaviour or demographic. It even lets you exclude specified interests, behaviours and demographics too.

The flex targeting feature has been available through the Facebook API and in third party software for some time. Now it’s open to everyone.

How to Use Facebook Flex Targeting

When creating your advert in advert manager you will now see a ‘Detailed Targeting section’. This is where the new options are found. It is where your social media marketing campaign audience can become more targeted than ever.

This new features gives you the option to include people that match more than one interest, demographic or behaviour at a particular time. You can choose to exclude particular demographics, behaviours and interests, all with the same advert.

This new feature for Facebook advertising is similar in some ways to having negative keywords in AdWords. Here are some points to consider when planning your next advertising campaign:

  • What is your main target demographic?
  • What websites are they looking at?
  • What’s their location?
  • Does their device make a difference to your search?
  • What is unique about this campaign and those you are targeting?
  • What don’t you want them to do?

Benefits of Facebook Flex Targeting

The biggest benefits of optimising your Facebook adverts with Flex Targeting, include:

  • More targeted audiences – reaching the people that matter
  • Increase in specific audience taking desired call to action
  • Increases awareness amongst people who match your customer persona
  • Better use of your budget
  • Provides detailed analytics

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