Faun Zoeller Storybook | News | Blackberry Design

Cleaning Up with FAUN Zoeller

Blackberry has been working with FAUN Zoeller to create a storybook. Aimed at 8 to 10-year-olds it focuses on the environment and the role their vehicles play in cleaning up the streets.

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Facebook Watch | News | Blackberry Design

Facebook Watch Launched Worldwide

What is Facebook Watch? Put simply, it is a video-on-demand service operated by Facebook. Like Amazon, YouTube, and Netflix before it, Facebook has officially started video streaming.

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Mental Health | News | Blackberry Design

Mental Health in the Workplace

The temptation to check your phone and deal with work in the evenings, weekends and on holiday has never been greater – but what is it doing to our mental health? 

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Acquisition Retention Customers | News | Blackberry Design

Acquisition and retention of customers

Companies gain new customers by using customer acquisition techniques. To keep current customers, customer retention is used. A highly asked question is whether you as a business should focus more on acquisition or retention.

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GDPR Email Marketing | News | Blackberry Design

GDPR and email marketing

This article looks at GDPR and email marketing and how it may affect your marketing campaigns. There is some brief advice on compliance and links to the ICO website.

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