Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Content Marketing
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Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Content Marketing

Common Mistakes Businesses Make With Their Content are quite surprising. Many businesses are including content marketing in their overall digital marketing strategy, but what how and where you distribute your content is just as important as creating great content in the first place. Avoid making these four commonly made mistakes to get the best results from your efforts.

Engaging your audience

Whether it’s via Facebook advertising or Google Adwords, businesses have vast audiences available at their fingertips. Even with a small budget, using the right combination of platforms can see your content reach significant numbers of people.

However, reach isn’t much good without good content and relevant targeting. Delivering your content to a targeted audience is the easy part, engaging them with your content is where it gets tricky.

While reaching a large number of people is great for brand awareness, your content should be driving brand engagement and building brand loyalty. Make sure that your content and distribution strategies are aligned with your target audience.

Fragmented campaigns

To get the most from your marketing campaign is a good practice to adopt an integrated process. Everything that goes into your content from planning and creating, through to publishing, promoting, measuring and optimising should be part of the same thinking and should be working towards the same goal.

It is an all too common occurrence that content campaigns fail because earned and paid media tactics and even budgets are an afterthought; rather than an integral part of the process. Having a clear strategy and understanding of how your campaign will run and what needs to happen and when, is imperative for a successful campaign.

Every campaign needs an objective

Understanding and identifying clearly defined objectives from the outset is essential. Consider what it is you want your campaign to do? And why is that outcome important to you? Two of the most common objectives for a content marketing strategy are to drive traffic to a blog and engage audience with content.

While these are both important objectives they need to be measured effectively. More people visiting your blog but leaving your site after 30 seconds does not mean you have an engaged audience. A more realistic metric for measuring an engaged audience would be the number of pages visited per visit and time spent on site.

You need to go deeper than ‘I want traffic to my blog and I want them to engage with content’– more like, ‘this content strategy will be a success if my audience visits more than 3 pages or spends more than 5 minutes on the site. That’s a success because it shows that they are engaging with my content in a meaningful way and are identifying with my brand.’

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