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Things to Consider for your Website Redevelopment

As technology and consumer behaviours change, you should consider whether it is time for your website to be redeveloped. Your website should be regularly reviewed and updated to ensure it is fit for purpose and is making the most of new technologies. Ensuring your website is using the latest technology such as responsive design will help keep your customers engaged and can help increase ROI.

Before making any changes to your website it is imperative you understand how it currently performs and identify any areas that require improvement. It is important to understand how customers use your website and can be beneficial to ask for feedback from them. Some other areas you may want to consider before redeveloping your website, include:

Clear Focus on Objectives

Think about what you want your new website to achieve and how it fits into your wider business goals. For example, if you want to drive more enquiries from your website you will want to consider the factors that are preventing people from enquiring and address these in your website redevelopment.

Having a clear focus on your objectives will help you plan the redevelopment of your website with more clarity and will help you review it in the future. If you do not set clear goals from the outset it is difficult to measure the performance of your new website.

Put Customers First

Instead of thinking what you want your website to do, approach it from your customers point of view – think about what they want and need. Use data you have about your customers preferences to lead your website development and deliver a great user experience.

Not sure what your customers want? Ask them and they will tell you, not only will you find out more about your customers it will also demonstrate you are putting them first. Customers that feel listened to and valued are more likely to remain loyal and recommend your business to others.

Current Website Performance

Before undertaking a full website redevelopment it is imperative you understand how your current website is performing. Use Google Analytics to review how users move through your website, where they leave and where conversions fail.

Being armed with this information will highlight not only the areas that need improving, but will also identify the current aspects of your website that are working well. Make sure you keep a record of your website performance data for comparison with your new site in the future.

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