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The Principles of Logo Design

The Principles of Logo Design are important. Your company logo is one of the best ways you can communicate with your customers. A good logo should be instantly recognised. It should be associated with your brand and be used consistently across all of your marketing channels, both digital and print. Logos should be designed to be memorable, represent your brand. They should incorporate your brand colours and font styles. You need to ensure consistency and help build brand recognition and loyalty. There are a few key principles when it comes to a well-designed logo, let’s take a look at them.

Simplistic Approach

Logos that are designed with a simplistic approach are often some of the most successful ones. Simplistic logos can be unique without being over complicated. For example, the Apple logo is one of the most instantly recognisable logos but is very simple. When designing your logo think about the message you want it to convey. Be sure to use your brand colours for brand recognition.

Timeless Design

When designing your logo think about how it will stand the test of time. Many designs may look great in the present day but how will they look in 10 years’ time? Keeping your logo simple is one of the best ways to ensure it will still look great in years to come. A great example of a timeless logo design is the London Underground logo. Although created over 100 years ago, it still looks great and has become iconic with the capital.

Multi-Purpose Design

Your logo will be used across a variety of marketing materials and channels. These include; printed literature, letterheads, direct mail, emails, website and social media channels. Think about how it will look when it is resized for a poster or a business card. Consider how it will work across print and digital channels.

Relevant Design

It is good practice to consider the relevancy of any of your branding in the early planning stages. For example, a company that sells toys may choose bright colours, a playful font and child orientated graphics. The same would not apply for a professional service company such as an accountant or a law firm.

Logo Design & Branding

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