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Is Your PPC Campaign Optimised for Mobile?

In this article we ask ‘Is Your PPC Campaign Optimised for Mobile?’ As an increasing number of people are using mobile devices to search and browse the internet rather than desktop computers. It is imperative your digital marketing campaigns are optimised for mobile. This will ensure you are making the most of mobile traffic to your website. While mobile website design is now commonplace, you may not have considered your marketing channels. These channels direct people to your website, such as your PPC campaign.

When it comes to ensuring your PPC campaign is optimised for mobile there are many factors to consider. You can use Google Analytics to identify the percentage of mobile visitors your website receives per month. This will determine whether you should consider optimising your PPC campaign.

Mobile Browsing & PPC Campaign

In 2016 Google announced its mobile-first index, a separate search index for mobile. This update came in response to the increasing change in consumer search behaviour. There was a rise in the number of people who using mobile devices rather than desktops to browse the web.

The rise in mobile search was inevitable. Today’s smartphones are like having a little computer in your pocket. They make it so easy and convenient to get the one click information consumers have come to expect. Google’s mobile-first index reinforced the importance of ensuring websites are responsive and mobile friendly.

If your website is already responsive you have the ideal platform to make your PPC campaign successful. There are a few other key factors to consider to ensure it is optimised for mobile and maximising on the mobile traffic.

Optimise Landing Pages for Mobile

Two of the most important factors of a successful PPC campaign is relevancy and usability. Don’t use your PPC campaign to direct visitors to a landing page that bears no relevance to the advert they clicked. They will leave your site and drive your cost-per-click up. It is vital your landing pages relate to your adverts to strengthen your PPC campaign.

Your relevant landing pages should also be optimised for mobile. Visitors should be able to perform all functions on your website from their mobile device, as they would be able to on desktop. Keep forms that need completing simple and short. Focus on improving usability and user experience.

Mobile Optimised Ad Copy

Always make sure your ad copy is relevant and reinforces the search query. This gives it more credibility and strength. Mobile users are more likely to click a PPC ad if they know it is mobile friendly, try to use this in the URL of the ad. Ensure your PPC ad copy is clear, concise and includes an engaging call to action.

Define your Mobile Audience

Use Google Analytics to define your mobile audience. Understanding more about the users visiting your website via mobile search will help you better tailor your PPC adverts to them. In return should improve your PPC campaign results.

Determine your AdWords Mobile PPC Keywords

Keywords and phrases will be at the heart of your mobile PPC campaign. Your keywords should be determined by search queries performed by visitors to your website. They should tell users what your product or service is about.

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