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Identifying Your Logo

People should be able to quickly identify your logo and associate it with your company.

Many of the biggest companies in the world have instantly recognisable logos. You can cover parts of their logos and still know exactly what company it is.

Take Nike or McDonalds, just reading their names you can see their logos in your mind. Nike with the swoosh or McDonald’s and the big yellow M. Both logos are simple, easy to remember and instantly associated with their brand.

This can go deeper than just company logos, some of the wonders of the world can be drawn with just a few lines. How many of the below do you know?

Eiffel Tower
Christ the Redeemer
Leaning Tower of Pisa
Pyramids of Giza
Statue of Liberty
Big Ben
Burj Al Arab
(The Burj Sail)

*hover over the image to see the answer

This is how our minds work. We translate this when designing logos. A logo that’s easy to identify massively boost your business potential.

How many logos can you draw with just a few lines?

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