Inbound marketing or content marketing for SEO?

Which is better for SEO: content marketing or inbound marketing? As Marketing strategies continue to evolve and many businesses are trying to implement new strategic methods. One of the biggest decisions is whether to use content marketing, inbound marketing, or both.

Each technique has its benefits and drawbacks and must be considered as to its place within a business. To make the determination, businesses must understand the core definitions of each marketing strategy as well as the differences between each of these marketing techniques. This enables them to make an informed decision as to which marketing will best benefit their business.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is creating content which potential clients will find attractive. This encourages the potential client to share the information and to make informative decisions about your product or services based upon such information.

Content marketing is directed at a specific target audience. This means that the content will not be appropriate or relevant for everyone that stumbles upon it. Being so, the content needs to be more detailed than that of the common marketing campaign. You are trying to build your customer base from providing such information.

What is inbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is a bit broader in scope than content marketing. Where content marketing is quality driven, inbound marketing is quantity driven. Specifically, inbound marketing maximises the exposure of content. This is done through blogs, social media, newsletters, EBooks, YouTube etc. The goal of doing so is to create content that is shared by the largest amount of potential customers.

Which is better?

For building your SEO globally, inbound marketing should be used. With inbound marketing your target audience is spread out. It has the potential to reach more people, but the overall goal of inbound marketing is not really to get customers. It’s purpose is to boost ratings and increase your status.

If you want to increase your sales and build customer loyalty, then content marketing is the more appropriate marketing strategy. As content marketing is targeted to a specific audience, you are less likely to see the back linking and the SEO that you would see from inbound marketing. The quality of your customer base will be greater as you are focussing your marketing to those which are already interested in your product.

Adopting both marketing strategies is the best method for ensuring that you have well-balanced SEO. Inbound marketing can be used to get the larger crowd interested in a business’s product and content marketing material can help to ensure that you get the customers you want.

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