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How to Humanise your Brand on Social Media

This article discusses ‘How to Humanise your Brand on Social Media’. Are you using social media as part of your digital marketing strategy to promote your business? Not seeing the levels of engagement you expected when sharing great content? It could be because your social media needs to be a little more human. Humanising your brand on social media can have a big impact on engagement levels.

Your tone of voice to the topic of your content are some of the areas you can improve upon. This will help humanise your brand on social media. We recommend you look at every way you use social media to talk to your customers. Ensure you are talking to them like a human to get the best results.

Tone of voice on Social Media

The tone of voice you use is one of the first things your audience will notice. It is important that your social media messages have a consistent tone of voice and personable. As in real life, if we meet someone who is personable we’re more likely to engage in conversation with them. We will give them more of our time.

It’s not all about you

While your social media channels are for promoting your business, it’s not always about you. Try to post a variety of content that is not just promotional. Consider asking your audience for their opinion or feedback. You can create inspirational or aspirational posts. You could run an incentive based campaign to give something back to your audience. Talking about yourself all the time, it is a sure fire way of people becoming bored of you and your brand.

Listen to your audience

Use monitoring tools such as Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and Google Alerts. You can see when your audience is talking about you and respond to these mentions. Not only will this make your brand seem more human, it will also help you to attract new followers. It is important to also make sure you respond to every comment and message you receive. This will help boost your engagement levels and listen to your audience’s feedback.

Respond like a human

Automated message responses are good for ensuring an immediate response. They can come across as generic and not very sociable. Adding a human touch to your responses will help your audience relate to your brand. You are looking to strengthen relationships and build trust in your brand.

Don’t be afraid to add a little humour

Adding a little humour to your social media posts is a great way of adding a personality to your brand. You are making it feel more human. There have great examples of big brands injecting humour into their social media content. It is important to mention that depending on the nature of your business. It may not always be possible, but should be considered if appropriate.

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