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How important is Facebook to businesses now?

In this article, we ask ‘How important is Facebook to businesses now?’ In the light of the recent Cambridge Analytica controversy are people still interested in Facebook?

The truth is that the majority of Millennials are using Facebook less than ever. Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube are there most frequently used social media platforms. They are now attracting more organic traffic from Google than from Facebook.

Algorithm Changes

The recent change in the Facebook algorithm could be a factor contributing to the decline in use. But, this does not mean that Facebook is any less important. The content on the platform will be less, but the quality will be better.

Facebook is being used less as the older generation started using the site more and more. The majority of Millennials moved to other social media platforms such as Instagram.

Decline in Use

According to statistics from Pew Research, teenagers use YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat. Only half of the U.S. teens have a Facebook account. Ten per cent of the teenagers stated that Facebook is a social platform that they use most often. Less than three years ago Facebook was the dominant social media for U.S. teenagers. These statistics show how fast audience demographics can change.

In 2017, Facebook found itself in the spotlight and under governmental scrutiny. This was for reasons such as being used by Russia to meddle in the 2016 election. Other issues were allegedly allowing advertisers to exclude minorities from real-estate advertising. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, then made the decision to change the algorithm. The new algorithm was made to help promote meaningful posts. It was designed to stop users being presented with content that is being passively consumed.

Marketing Strategy Changes

So, how will this impact businesses? Posts won’t be appearing on the Newsfeed in the same way as before. A lot of previous marketing strategies will now be outdated. Facebook plays a serious role in many company’s marketing strategies. It is used to engage with customers on a personal level, or for collecting leads via tools like Ad Manager. There are actions that can be taken by businesses to retain and increase engagement.

By focusing on producing quality content you are more likely to create engagement with customers and prospects. Try and see every post you make as an ad for your business. You’re trying to draw attention to your business with your posts.

Brian Grimes-Viorrt from Social Element stated: “The days of organic reach are definitely over. Businesses already have to invest in ads on Facebook so their content is in front of their audiences. But there will be fewer opportunities to buy ads, so the prices will be higher.”

Increasing Engagement Levels

It is going to be harder for businesses to reach a high level of engagement. However, there are still a lot of ways to keep getting traffic from Facebook. To increase traffic to a website then you will need to look to other social media platforms to achieve this.

You may feel as though platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat do not fit in well with your business. Yet, there is now an entire generation (Millennials) using these tools. Try out a variety of platforms to see which one is the most successful in engaging a target audience.

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