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Google Introduces AMP for Ads

Google introduces AMP for Ads to address one of the main issues with mobile advertising – that it it is too slow. That is about to become a thing of the past as Google introduces AMP for Ads. This is a new project designed to encourage advertisers to create ads that load faster on mobile devices. Google has been working to create a better user experience for mobile since it launched the Accelerate Mobile Pages project . It is now turning its attention to mobile adverts.

Google first began responding to the changes in the way people use the internet. After the increase in mobile search and mobile use in 2015 Google announced that they would be updating their algorithms. They would penalise non-mobile friendly websites. Since then they have been focusing on their Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP) project. This project aims to dramatically improve the load times of articles and web pages on mobile devices.

Many businesses are using AMP to speed up their content loading times. The latest announcement about AMP for Ads will help them ensure mobile adverts are being delivered at the same quick speeds as their content.

AMP for Ads – Making Faster Mobile Ads

Paul Muret, Vice President of Display, Video and Analytics at Google recently said “speeding up the content is not enough – slow-loading ads are also a problem. We’re announcing two new features that will make ad experiences better on the mobile web”. He then continued to explain more about AMP for Ads and another new feature, AMP for Landing Page:

  • AMP for Ads – With AMP for Ads, we’re bringing everything that’s good and fast about AMP to ads. Unfortunately, most advertisers’ campaign creative are not fully optimised for mobile experiences. AMP for Ads allows advertisers to build beautifully-designed ads in AMP HTML so that the entire AMP experience, both the publisher’s content and the advertiser’s creative, load simultaneously at AMP-speed.
  • AMP Landing Pages – AMP Landing Pages are fast, custom pages, built by advertisers so that when someone clicks on their AMP advert, they continue to have an AMP experience. AMP Landing Pages are also built with AMP HTML so that advertisers or their agencies use the same process to create these pages as they do with AMP content pages.

We can’t deny that mobile technology has revolutionised the way we consume news, data and use the internet. Tech giant Google wants to ensure that consumers are getting the best user experience possible.

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