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Have you heard of Google’s Digital Garage?

At Blackberry we like to keep adding to our knowledge in the ever-changing digital world. The Digital Garage is an online course created by Google. It was launched to help business owners and digital marketers improve their skills. Due to the growth in digital, Google decided to create a course. Its purpose is to help people develop and understand why having an online presence is so important. Businesses with a strong online presence are more likely to grow faster and generate more jobs.

Learn at Your Own Pace

The course is made up of some short clips which you can follow at your own pace. These go back to the basics of digital marketing. They will help you to understand a range of marketing concepts.

We recommend the course to any individual who is new to the world of digital marketing. It is also ideal for anyone who would like to improve their knowledge and digital skills. Digital Garage is free to use and covers twelve different modules.

Bite-size Digital Lessons

The Digital Garage consists of 89 lessons (that are about 10-15 minutes long). The course covers all things digital including; search, email, analytics, social, video, eCommerce and geo-targeting. Each set of lessons follows a certain digital marketing topic and allows you to earn a badge. After each section, there is an exam on the content shown in the video course. There is also a final exam, which doesn’t take more than 5 – 10 minutes to pass.

Although the course takes a fairly long time to complete there are videos, graphics, questions, quizzes and more. The design and content of the course keep it fresh throughout.

Improve Your Digital Skills

Once you have completed all modules of the Digital Garage you become certified. You will receive a certificate from Google confirming this. The certification is a great achievement to put on your CV displayed on a LinkedIn account. It shows that you have got genuine digital skills. It also demonstrates you are motivated to learn and improve your skills.

Visit Digital Garage in Birmingham

The Digital Garage is now offering its services to people throughout the Midlands in Birmingham. The centre is located at 134B New Street, B2 4NS. Here you are able to sign up for workshops and one-to-one training.

This is free training and gives business owners a greater understanding of digital marketing. It shows what can be done online. It will help you identify certain opportunities that are a good fit for your business. You may decide to carry out some of the tasks yourself or work with a digital marketing specialist. After completing the course you will be able to discuss your digital marketing plans with much more confidence.

Digital marketing is evolving all the time. Shouldn’t you be as well? Visit Google Digital Garage to sign up.

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