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Content Strategies to Boost Organic Search Rankings

Gone are the days when a digital marketing strategy consisted of having a website stuffed with keywords that were often not written in context. The world of digital marketing has evolved in recent years (thankfully!) and although not a new concept, many businesses are realising the potential and importance of implementing a social media and content marketing strategy.

One of the main objectives of a digital marketing strategy for many businesses is to improve a websites search engine optimisation (SEO) and organic search rankings – the page and position a website appears on in a Google search.

Improving your websites SEO will help boost your websites visibility and help you to get ahead of the competition and enhance the chances of being found by potential customers. Let’s take a look at content strategies that can help improve your sites organic search rankings.

Update your Website

Your website should be reviewed and improved upon regularly; it should not be built and then forgotten about for the next 5 years. Potential customers are likely to find you via your website and it is where they will find out about your business, the products and services you provide and will play a key role in their decision to contact you.

As one of the most powerful marketing tools available, your website should provide a great user experience, be informative, kept up to date and continually growing with engaging content. The recommended word count per page for SEO is 300+ and keywords still play an important role, but must be used appropriately and in context.

Keywords also apply to your websites Meta tags; a HTML tag that describes aspects of the contents of a web page in a maximum of 155 characters, this information is used by search engines to index a page. When writing these think about the contents of the page and the common search phrases and keywords that may be used by users looking for the content.

Never underestimate the power of original and relevant content, back in 2011 Google released Panda followed by the Panda 4.0 update last may. The Panda updates were released to combat spam and low quality websites, as Google feels they are bad for their search engine and their user’s experience.

Company Blog

A blog is a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in your area of business and instils confidence in existing and potential customers. A well maintained blog can drive traffic to your website and increase search engine optimisation.

Publishing well written articles of a minimum of 300 words that are of interest to your target audience and contain relevant keywords will improve your sites visibility in search engines, increasing the potential to be found by potential customers and will demonstrate to Google that your site is growing and in turn improve your search rankings.

It is good practice to add social and email share buttons to your blog article pages, giving your readers the tools to share your content quickly and easily, which will increase your reach and traffic to your website.

Social Media

Social media is a valuable tool to drive traffic to your website, portray your businesses image and showcase your expertise and products. If you are not using social media to share content, you’re missing out on the chance to grow your online presence and convert leads into profitable customers.

Google + is known for its SEO benefits including displaying Google+ profiles and individual posts in Google search results. Tweets will also start to appear in search results in real time later this year, following Twitter’s deal with Google, Bing and Yahoo.

At Blackberry, we design and build all kinds of websites for all types of clients. Whether it is a HTML, CMS or ecommerce website the emphasis is always on clean design, usability, and search engine compatibility. We recognise the importance of driving targeted search traffic to your website.

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