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How to Combine Print and Digital Marketing Campaigns

This article acknowledges how to Combine Print and Digital Marketing Campaigns. While there has been a rise in digital marketing in recent years, it is important not to neglect print marketing. Print marketing still offers many great benefits. Some of which cannot be replicated in digital mediums, such as tangibility.

In recent years print marketing has been overlooked. In some cases shelved by businesses when promoting their business. However, print marketing can grab the attention of your customers in a way digital is unable to.

It is important that you consider both print and digital marketing methods when promoting your business. And why you should explore ways to combine to two powerful marketing methods in your overall marketing strategy.

Combining print and digital marketing methods into your marketing strategy can yield great results. When combining the two methods it is imperative they not only complement each other but actually work together. Let’s take a look at how you can combine your print and digital marketing campaigns.

Print and Digital Marketing – Working together

To ensure you get the maximum outcome from your marketing efforts it is important to consider using a variety of marketing methods. From email campaigns to direct mail and social media to leaflets.

When using both digital and print channels it is important to think about how you can make to the two work together. Ways you can combine the two include:

  • Adding QR codes to print media to drive people to social media channels or your website.
  • Drive direct mail sign ups using digital channels such as email or social media.
  • Use your print media to remind people to sign up for your emails or follow you on Facebook.

Keep it consistent

It is also important to ensure your campaigns complement each other. Not only in their design but also in the language you use, your tone of voice, your messaging and your branding. Make sure your branding is applied consistently across all marketing channels from your website, print media and company stationery.

Consistent branding helps your customers identify and recognise who you are. Whether they are opening an email or receiving a leaflet through their door, it is important that they should know who the communication is from in an instant. This is typically achieved by using your company logo and brand colours prominently in all marketing materials.

It is also imperative that your messaging is consistent with special offers to product information. Make sure your message is the same. If messages are not aligned it is confusing for the customer, which will negatively impact on the results of your marketing campaign.

Know your audience and where to find them

Knowing who your audience is and where you can find them is key to any marketing campaign. When combining digital and print it is important you are focusing your efforts in the right places to reach the right people.

For example, if your target demographic is females aged between 18 – 65 you would want to consider targeting the younger end of the audience with digital marketing. And the older end of your audience with print marketing.

Understanding how to reach your audience and the best methods for achieving this will help you get the most from your marketing budgets. This will also achieve the best results from your digital and print marketing campaigns.

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