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Branding: Election Logos – Clinton Vs Trump

Trump’s impending inauguration is happening this week. It has got us at Blackberry Design thinking about the election logos. Trump may have won the election who had the best campaign logo design? Clinton or Trump?

Whether you are branding a company, a campaign or a person a logo helps with brand positioning. A logo helps potential customers or, in this instance, voters identify you or your company.

Both logos were unique to each candidate. There were some similarities between them, most notably the colours used represent the American flag. Let’s take a look at both logo designs in more detail, starting with Hillary Clinton’s.

Election Logo: Hillary Clinton

Clinton’s logo design has some prominent features, including:

  • The red and blue used in the design represent the American flag
  • The “H” represents Hillary
  • The arrow embedded in the design symbolises moving forward
  • It reinforces the way Hillary wanted to push the country forward.

While Clinton’s logo received much praise. It was seen by many to be a great logo that represented her and her beliefs. It did not go without criticism. One Washington Post writer said “it looked like a graphic telling you how to exit a plane.” Hillary teamed her logo with the slogan “Hillary for America”. This message was ambiguous, unmemorable and nowhere near as good as Trump’s slogan.

Election Logo: Donald Trump

Trump’s logo design has some prominent features, including:

  • It used the colours of the American Flag
  • It is clear who that logo represents
  • It included a strong slogan

Trump’s original logo received a lot of criticism especially on social media. It was viewed as sexually aggressive by some commentators. It was changed and this was the tweaked version he settled on for his presidential campaign. It was widely felt that its simplistic design meant there was nothing distinguishable about this logo. However, it is very clear who the logo represents, whereas Clinton’s logo was not as identifiable. The best part of Trump’s presidential logo design was borrowed from former President, Ronald Reagan. The inclusion of the strong slogan, the oft-repeated “Make America Great Again!”

In our opinion neither design was perfect. Both included some prominent features. The most important factor of logo design is to convey the key messages and values of your brand. That still applies whether it is a personal brand or a company brand.

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