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4 Ways to Increase Email Marketing Subscriptions

One of the best ways to ensure that you are running effective email marketing campaigns is to invest time and effort into growing your email subscription lists. By growing your lists, you are effectively growing your audience of potential customers who have expressed interest in your business and opted in to receive your marketing emails because they want to know more about your business.

Many small business owners put little emphasis on building their email list when in reality it should be one of their top priorities. Let’s take a look at just 4 of the ways small business can develop a strong email list building strategy.

Make it clear

Ensure that the email opt-in box is clear and visible, if a user has to hunt for it they are likely to give up before they find it. A well designed website places email opt-in boxes strategically throughout your website to entice users to sign up or at least know where to go if they decide to sign up at another time.

There is nothing more frustrating than a website that interrupts the user by asking them for an email address. There are techniques to keep email subscription top of mind without being too disruptive, place email opt-in boxes at three locations; top of the page, the sidebar and bottom of the page. This ensures that the user is reminded to opt-in at various times throughout their visits to your website. But remember opt-in boxes should not be overwhelming, distracting or annoying, the focus of your website should be your content.

Keep it simple

When asking users to sign up to your email list collect as little information as possible, all you need to get started is their email address and first name – this will enable you to personalise your emails to each user. Asking for any more information than that is likely to turn people off, mainly because most of us don’t like sharing our personal information online and some of us are just bone idle and do not want to spend 5 minutes filling out forms.

Prove it with social proof

Businesses use social proof all the time, restaurants place diners in window seats to appear busier and bars and clubs keep people queuing outside to make it look like the coolest place in town. Websites shouldn’t be any different, encourage email subscriptions through displaying number of sign ups, testimonials from users or showing an impressive visitor count. If we think our peers are enjoying something, we relate to it and assume that we will like it too.

Incentivise it

Many business use incentives to build their email subscription lists, whether it be a special offer, an eBook or other locked down content, users are more likely to part with their information if they are getting something out of it. The best way to determine which incentive to use is to understand what your audience deems to be valuable.

A business armed with a powerful email marketing strategy can really go places. From building a list, creating bespoke templates, setting up multiple contributors, on-going data management and analysis and tracking, we can help. Get in touch on 01527 517309 or fill in our contact form.