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Graphic Design

Graphic design covers a broad range of different design disciplines. These include logo design, branding and corporate identity, typography, marketing materials, image retouching and signage.

Blackberry has the creative skills and expertise to deliver quality graphic design. We create graphics that can help establish new or grow your existing brand, refresh your corporate identity, or create effective marketing materials to promote your business. This can include logo design, packaging, presentations, handbooks, brochures, POS (Point of Sale) and web.

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Graphic Design by Blackberry Design, Redditch


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The Right Image

We create graphic design that really communicates with your audience. Our designers will create bespoke graphics and images specifically for your needs. If required, we will select the right images from our stock image library, or work with one of our preferred photographers. All our designs are given that ‘extra’ attention to make you stand out.

Consistent Typography

Every good graphic designer knows that typography is an essential part of any design. It is the art of selecting and arranging type combined with the creative intuition of the designer. At Blackberry we know what works – both in print and on the web – and pride ourselves on delivering consistent typography and eye catching design to our clients.

The Perfect Colour

The choice of colour strongly influences the mood of a design. Saturation, contrast and tone are all factors that experienced designers can adjust to get the right ‘feel’ for a client. Also selecting the colour scheme that complements the brand or design plays important role in graphic design. Every colour decision is carefully discussed within our graphic design team to ensure the perfect colour result.

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graphic design

graphic design

Good graphic design projects achieve the perfect balance between colour, typography and composition. At Blackberry, we understand this and always give you the best visualisation of your ideas.

web design

web design

We offer web design that engages your target audience. Blackberry creates effective web design for different styles of website including brochureware, cms, dynamic and eCommerce.

creative branding

creative branding

We help our clients build strong brands that can create loyalty and add value. We ensure you communicate your message and project your core brand values. We have the creative expertise to deliver.

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